About us?

Tierra Productiva is managed by Beatriz Velàsquez, director of the Beatriz Velàsquez Blanco Foundation (B.V.B). The B.V.B foundation has its operational headquarters in the city of Houten in the Netherlands, under the direction of its founder Beatriz Velàsquez Blanco. Beatriz was born in Barranquilla, Colombia, and studied her baccalaureate at Colegio Militar Acolsure. Later on, she furthered her studies in the field of business administration.

Beatriz is the mother of three children. Unfortunately, for reasons of social order in her country, she made the decision one day to emigrate with her family to the country of Costa Rica, where she established a business in the restoration industry. Almost 4 years later, she found the opportunity to travel with her family to Europe, where they currently live. They have been in the Netherlands for 15 years, where they were happily welcomed. They managed to adapt quickly, not only successfully developing a new lifestyle amid a different culture, but also a propitious ground to continue advancing their projects.


Tierra Productiva supports and seeks to raise awareness among suppliers, producers or entrepreneurs of Latin American origin to get involved or establish themselves in the European market.

Tierra Productiva does that by training them, informing them and putting them in contact with a large network of European entrepreneurs. The training and information are provided by experienced migrant entrepreneurs from different parts of Latin America who have a place in the European market. Together with all its members, Tierra Productiva continuously works for innovation and growth through the different professional sectors. To achieve its objectives, Tierra Productiva also organizes the Hispanic American business exhibition, a business event where you learn, test and experience everything when it comes to the Latin American market and its suppliers, producers and entrepreneurs.