Work of the chamber

International Fair in 2018 in El Salvador. The Salvadoran Chamber interviewed many companies, asked questions whether they fulfilled the EU certificates, capacity of production, other countries they export to, etc

Chocolates Melher

MI ARTE micro company dedicated to the manufacture of handcraft, furniture accessories for homes, offices etc.

Interviewing Korinver

Hermel S.A. de C.V.

Dr. Winkelaar, Honorary Member of the Salvadoran Chamber of Commerce in Holland, explaining a project that could help the Salvadoran Coffee Council (CSC).

With ex Executive Director of the Salvadoran Coffee Council (CSC), Lic. Hernández , Dr. Winkelaar, Mrs. Meijer, and others.

Crio (, they are specialized in the manufacture and export of frozen bread dough and ethnic products.

At the premises of Casart showing the director executive and artisan styles and colour of hammocks requested by the Dutch Importer.

Casart, visiting the workshop of one of the artisans

I introduced a Salvadoran Business man to a Fair Trade Importer / Organization

At the premises of ABECAFE with Director Executive Mr. Ricardo Esmahan. ABECAFE was established as an alternative to the traditional organization of Salvadoran coffee growers.

With Professor Miller, Director of Latin America at the The Hague University of Applied Sciences.


Conference at The Hague University , subjects on : Brief description of the Exports/Imports of the country , with its respective products and services portfolio.

Volume of trade between both countries (The Netherlands and El Salvador) and its projection.

Visiting handcraft stores.


The Salvadoran Chamber represents them in the Netherlands and has a good contact for the Organization of Handcraft in El Salvador.

Arte Maya Pipil

Arte Maya Pipil

Meeting at the Embassy

Sonia Meijer with President of Conamype and Ambassador of El Salvador in the Netherlands Mr. Agustin Vásquez Gómez in a meeting at the Embassy.

Amces, visit 2019

Alianza de Mujeres en Café de El Salvador (AMCES) está muy complacida y orgullosa por contar con SONIA MEIJER, CONSUL HONORARIA de El Salvador en el Reino de los Países Bajos, Presidente y Fundadora de la CAMARA de COMERCIO SALVADOREÑA EN HOLANDA.

Esta Alianza entre ambas organizaciones será para ver la posibilidad de obtener fondos para fortalecer la Educación y el Medio Ambiente a través de la transmisión de conocimientos en DOS proyectos:

1.-Educaciom en reciclaje, reúso y reducción del uso del plástico.
2.- Proyecto con Enfoque de mitigación para el cambio climático. Este 2o.denominado "Captación de agua lluvia y mejoramiento del suelo a través de la práctica de cajuelas en fincas de café.
Alianza de mujeres en Café de El Salvador funciona a nivel nacional y trabaja en proyectos enfocados en CINCO llaves estratégicas: Liderazgo, Trabajo comunitario con población en las fincas de café, Educación de la semilla a la taza con capacitaciones dirigidas al gremio, Crecimiento de las unidades productivas de las socias de AMCES, promoviendo la venta directa y presentando los cafés de las miembros a compradores y Aboga e influencia políticas para beneficio de la Mujer.

AMCES se fundó en 2007 y concluyó legalización en 2008; actualmente cuenta con miembros de todas las regiones cafetaleras del país; y forma parte de la Red de mujeres en café a nivel mundial manteniendo intercambio con Mujeres en Café de 25 países productores y consumidores alrededor del mundo.
Como estructura de soporte de la cuarta llave estratégica, cuenta con programa de microcrédito patrocinado por el Club Rotario de San Diego, California.

ASI, visit 2019

I attended the event offered by ASI. It was interesting to meet with some of the Board Members , their attorney and many other very good contacts. I hope for a productive network for the near future. On the picture: With Mr. Solano (attorney of ASI) Mr. Cader (President of ASI) and Mr. Arriaza (Executive Director of ASI)

Casart visit 2019

After my return on Tuesday 03 September a Dutch Licenced Company and I will have a meeting to discuss the whole range of products of Casart. The upcoming meeting was more than good news, the porcelain products were much liked. A possible visit to El Salvador again in 2020 may go through. Two other Dutch companies a PRIVATE and a FAIR TRADE one, are waiting for samples. On my trip in August, I guided the Artisans and told how Dutch people like products and designs.

Coexport- visit 2019

I was very honoured to receive an email from Mr. Pablo Duran, the actual President of Coexport,  to meet him in the premises of Coexport. Executive Director Silvia Cuellar was present and Mrs.Karla Klaus also.  The questions were asked but has to be answered. They are:

1 What products are included in the FTA
2 What regulations need to be complied with  , and most importantly.
3 How would the Trade Agreements work if the goods are imported to El Salvador and not created here.
4 What steps are required to benefit from the FTA ?
5 Does a factory need to be set up?
6 Last year, a letter was translated. It was an invitation for a networking event of Proesa, where parties could speed-date with suppliers, distributors , etc. Does Coexport organize events as the above described?
7 What events is Coexport planning for this last months of (2019) and the coming year (2020).
It may well be possible to bring some products from some entrepreneurs of Coexport to the Netherlands and Europe. We are already searching for possibilities.

Conaype 2019

Signing the cooperation contract in The Hague

Consejo Salvadoreno del Cafe 2019

I met the new Executive Director. Questions for them were prepared by a reputable Coffee Expert. A letter from our senior expert Dr. Adrie Winkelaar was given with his points of view and solutions of how things could work out well. The total information was sent by email before my visit to CSC and I gave photocopies in hand to Mrs. Pacas. If these questions are answered and Dr. Winkelaar’s suggestions are taken into account, the CSC will find better ways. I did mention to Mrs. Pacas “Why are there so many Coffee Organizations? It’s better to unite all of them.”

Ena, visit 2019

I found the best of the best to help from ENA. The Expert who did ZAMORANO. A whole range of questions were given to Dr. Parker, with very specific questions (the Dutch way) to know exactly the specific needs in technology, etc and the rest will follow. The experts are interested in knowing the Agricultural needs of the Salvadoran country.


A possibility for El salvador

Handcraft visit 2019

With the Dutch handcraft importer

Ministry of Agriculture, visit 2019

Ing. Perdomo from the Ministry was asked for specific information. He showed his good knowledge, answered directly my questions and referred me to four other specialized sectors who could help me further. I am very grateful for this contribution and am satisfied with the outcome.

Proesa, visit 2019

I was talking to Ing. William Soriano. I asked questions so the Salvadoran Chamber of Commerce can inform about legislations etc to investors and buyers. I left an urgent request for a Speech where the Salvadoran Chamber of Commerce has been invited to participate, representing EL SALVADOR. It is urgent to have those answers. The Ambassador of El Salvador Mr. Agustin Vasquez Gomez and myself will represent the Country.