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Cheese export, a big challenge that requires a lot of patience.

I take the opportunity to introduce myself, my name is Humphry van Hesse and I provide the “new
business oversea” for Kaandorp Cheese Heerhugowaard. Kaandorp Cheese produces, packages and
exports high quality Dutch cheese.

By developing a new special cheese production process and packaging, we are able to supply
delicious Dutch Gouda Cheese with a shelf life of 12 months. This ensures that exports contacts in
countries as China, Australia, New Zealand can offer Cheese with longer shelf life than before.
I therefore travel throughout Asia, America and Africa to conclude contracts with retail chains and
special businesses. Our extensive range of Dutch cheeses offers a wide selection from sweet to spicy
and from black to multicolor cheese. Thanks to the wide palette of tastes, we can combine the right
export mix in culture and culinary terms. Of course we also produce organic, kosher and halal
cheeses. In this way we can actually provide the entire world with cheese.

Thanks to Mrs. Meijer, president of The Salvadoran Chamber of Commerce, I recently had the
opportunity to travel to El Salvador with her. A completely new market for Dutch cheese where we
have reached concrete agreements with a number of large retailers. Now only the permits and all the
paperwork have to be done.

For this, local authorities must work together with Dutch authorities. This takes time, a lot of time,
but as we have seen in China “slow and steady wins the race” even if it takes years!

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