About us

In Autumn 2018 Mrs. Sonia Meijer, Honorary Consul of El Salvador in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, founded the “Bilateral Chamber of Commerce El Salvador Holland” in the Hague, The Netherlands.

The goal of the chamber is to stimulate the trade between El Salvador and the Netherlands, to support Salvadoran and Dutch companies that experience problems in the trade with the other country and to organize knowledge support when needed.

The President Mrs. Sonia Meijer is supported by a secretary/treasurer, senior experts and a changing group of University volunteers. Below some of them:

Secretary / Treasurer

André, Leiden University Volunteer

Anna, Leiden University Volunteer

Eva de Boer, Leiden University Volunteer

Veronica Conte, Leiden University Volunteer

Marina, Leiden University Volunteer

If you are interested in trade between El Salvador and the Netherlands, please send us an overview of the products you import or export, so we can search for suitable partners for your company. The Salvadoran Chamber of Commerce works with Latin American Trade Agency.

The Salvadoran Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands

Sonia Meijer